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Gary Indiana
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To provide our youth a real life education about our home and country

Its Garys Time Inc has officially adopted June LaBroi Park per the guidelines set by the Gary Indiana Parks Dept by Director Caren Jones and approved at a regular Wednesday parks meeting.

Brief bio on the park: Located at 13th and Fayette streets in Gary Indiana

The June LaBroi Park project was originally laid out in the shape of the USA, complete with the Statue of Liberty standing on what would be obviously NYC, heading West you will cross the Allegheny Mountains to a jungle gym gazebo stretching from where Gary Indiana would be to the south to Memphis Tennesee, then continuing to the West to a bridge crossing over where the Mississippi River would be and further to the West through the St Louis Arch and crossing the "Rockies" and Continental Divide to the Golden Gate Bridge, all geographically correct to the scale of the park, however it was never completed and the project was dropped by the parks department about 15 yrs ago



On July 4, 2000 the City of Gary had an opening dedication ceremony for LaBroi Park, located at 13th & Fayette Street in the Aetna section of the City of Gary.


Aetna was a post World War II real estate development developed by a gentleman named Paul Schliecher.  As part of his development plan he dedicated eight lots between Fayette Street and 11th Place as a city park.  The park was called Schliecher Park after the developer.  By the mid 1990’s the park had fallen into general disuse and was nothing more than a flat piece of ground with some broken playground equipment on it. 


In the early 1990’s a lawsuit had been filed against the City of Gary on behalf of June LaBroi who, as a child, was injured in a Gary park when she fell off a sliding board and struck her head on a concrete butmen below the sliding board. 


Attorney Gregory S. Reising was the attorney for the park board at the time and represented the City of Gary and the Gary Park Department in the action.  In 1997 the lawsuit was settled with a stipulation that $100,000 of the funds were to be used to revitalize a community park to be chosen by June LaBroi’s mother and renamed after June LaBroi.


June’s mother chose Schliecher Park. 


Attorney Reising went to the site and inspected it and noticed that from east to west it was approximately three times longer than it was deep from north to south.  Facing north Mr. Reising envisioned a map of the United States with Canada to the north, Mexico to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.  The only problem was there wasn’t any room for Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and Texas.  The homes were the Gulf of Mexico and Florida would be had been abandoned and through an agreement with Lake County, Reising was able to acquire them for park purposes. 


He then enlisted architect Herbert Reed to help him develop a set of plans as to how the park would look.  Reed and Reising laid out a plan to put a low burn around the entire United States outlining the east coast, west coast and northern boundary.  A problem existed that a home was still occupied where Texas would ordinarily be.  Therefore the map did not include Texas, Its Garys Time Inc is working on plans to purchase the now vacant lot and “bring Texas home” to make the park complete (excluding Hawaii)  


Next a higher berm was created where the Appalachian Mountains would be.  The Great Lakes were outlined as the sandbox.  A natural depression about a third of the way through the tracker plan was marked as the Mississippi River.  A much higher berm was created in the west with very large stones put on top marking the Rocky Mountains.  On the western end of the park, a bridge resembling the Golden Gate Bridge was erected.  From Memphis, Tennessee to Gary, Indiana a play system was put up that terminated where the children could go down the sliding board into the sandbox at Lake Michigan.  A jungle jim was used for the St. Louis arch.  The trail system began on the east coast and featured the Cumberland Gap with the trail splitting in two at St. Louis, the northern route being the Oregon Trail and the southern route being the Sante Fe trail. 


Through a donation by the Gary Rotary Club a Statue of Liberty about 14ft. high was erected in New York harbor and a plaque commemorating the dedication of the park as June LaBroi Park and dedicated on July 4, 2000.  Plans were made to have a red wood swing set erected in the Pacific northwest and the plans were approved by the Gary Park Board, however, by this time the City of Gary had turned its attention to baseball and basketball and the plans fell into disuse, as did the park.  In the Spring of 2012 Its Garys Time Inc., a pending not-for-profit community restoration program headed by Roger Hayward, adopted the park.  Its Garys Time Inc., Roger Hayward, and Greg Reising are working together to refurbish the park and turn it into a tourist attraction for all to see. 


“School children that I have brought to the park immediately get the concept and when asked would run to the spot where they go to visit their grandmother in the summer time.” Mr. Reising said  “This park could become a destination point for families to come and enjoy the entire United States in one breath.”


Its Garys Time Inc. has been working on rebuilding homes in the growing Aetna community where families could return once again. Roger Hayward, President believes that making the parks work, keeping them clean, trimmed and up to date, where families can enjoy is part of that job.

We have performed an initial cut and cleaning a couple weeks ago, utilizing volunteers from my Garys Time program and Community Service workers through an MOU Its Garys Time Inc has with The Lake County Criminal Probation Dept that allows the Probationers that are sentenced to Community Service to perform certain Community Services. We also have the support one of the original Attorneys that laid out the park who have joined with me to fund "Kids Stuff Inc' to repair the "St Louis Arch" and other children's exercise / educational equipment strategically placed as real life monuments and learning tools that are erected Geographically correct in the park

As I mentioned earlier The Lake County Community Criminal Probation Dept also wants to get their staff on board to help with the project, I am very excited to be working with these people

I will continue to utilize Community Service residents to help with the labor in grass cutting trimming etc, as well as my Garys Time program participants that are currently incarcerated, residing in The Lake County Workforce Development Center. I will be doing fund raising through the sale of "sponsor markers" to be placed in the park complete with the donors company or personal name and placed in a location that resembles the real location of the sponsor in relation to Gary Indiana. Some of the sponsor markers will be used to build planters, paver sidewalks and the like

I am also wanting to begin to reach out to schools across the state to visit the park as an educational field trip once we have the park under control, sponsorship markers sold and have some details for a visiting center worked out

There are a few pieces of June LaBroi Park were never completed, one is the inclusion of the state of Texas, at the time of conception of the park that parcel had a home on it, that home is now gone and I am looking for the recorded owner of that piece so that it can be included and the park complete, I want to "bring Texas home"

I want to reach out to various locations across the nation where significant history events took place, things like openings, entrances and exits of The Underground Railroad the life and birth place of Robert Pervis who is said to have formed the underground railroad, the life legend roads traveled and accomplishments or Josiah Henson and many, many other historical events to many to mention. If you know of a worthy person, place or thing that played a part in the forming of our country, society or culture and would like to have it displayed at the park, feel feee to use our contact page and let me know

Finally for now will be the construction of a new or converting of an existing property (there are two that boarder the park in dire need of repair) where I can build a welcome center, complete with a few picnic tables, a tourist information center and perhaps a History lesson given on a rotating basis per the groups visiting

Your help in bringing this project to the public would be greatly appreciated, I can not do it alone

Thank you,

Roger Hayward

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