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Geography and History

Gary Indiana
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To Help our Youth

My goal is to finish and maintain June Labroi Park, Gary Indiana, in doing so we will be creating an educational opportunity for our youth, as well as create a tourist attraction for our region

We will begin to reach out to schools thinking locally acting nationally, where the children can be welcomed for an educational experience and fun field trip where they can learn about places of History and basic Geography in a setting that will be pleasing to the eye, and good for the physical and academic health of the students

Obviously there are going to be costs involved, once we have the park under control and maintenance plan in place, my plan to offset these costs is to offer sponsorships, both corporate and personal.
In the meantime, if you want to help make this opportunity to educate our youth a reality, as well as potentially increase tourism in the region please use the PayPal button below to contribute. Any amount will help as you can imagine there are many needs to bring this project to a complete educational experience for the students and communities, both locally and nationally. Once funds begin to roll in I will enter the information on our June LaBroi Park Finance Tracking page to show what came in what it was used for and the account balance. Any dollars that come in will help to assure maintenance and growth of the park.

Finally, if you like the idea behind June LaBroi Park and are unable to contribute financially, I completely understand, especially in these difficult times. We welcome and would love to have your help in other ways, please help us to make this a community project by using our contact page and let me know how you would like to help

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to reach me via email or by phone 219-775-6898, thank you


Roger Hayward, Founder

Its Garys Time
613 S Lake St
Gary Indiana, 46403

219-221-8702 (o)
219-775-6898 (c)

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